Activities for Peer Leaders

1. 3-2-1

After completing a presentation or webinar ask the students or adults to list the following:
  • 3 Things that they learned that day during the presentation or webinar
  • 2 Things that they liked about the presentation or webinar
  • 1 Suggestion for the next presentation or webinar

2. Word Splash

This activity can be used with different content areas. When using it as it relates to gambling, ask the students or adults to write the word that first comes to mind when they hear “gambler”. You can use newsprint or a whiteboard with markers or an electronic whiteboard during a live webinar.
You can initiate a discussion from the responses or wait until the end of the training or webinar and ask the same question again. Then the group can reflect on the differences in their responses.
3. Scenarios1. Your younger brother/sister was betting on football games with friends and owes money. You are surprised, as you didn’t even know he/she gambled. What do you do?
2. You and your friends play weekly card games. This week, one of your friends brings someone new to play. After a few hands, the new player has lost all of his/her money and asks the rest of the group to spot him/her for a few more hands. He/she says that they are good for the money. What do you decide to do?
3. A good friend of yours has become involved in street racing. You have not been hanging out with him/her as much; street racing is not your thing. Others have been telling you that he/she has been racing a lot lately. You are worried about your friend and the dangers involved in street racing. He/she comes to you saying that there is a big race today for lots of money. He/she really wants you to come and support him/her. What are your choices?
4. You and your friends have created a new dice game. The game is pretty simple. With each roll of the dice, there is a dare that coincides with the number rolled. Some of the dares are just for fun and others are more serious. Up until now your dares have been pretty easy and without consequence. Your latest roll dares you to steal $50 from your mom’s wallet. You are unsure of this dare, but do not want to look like a coward to your friends. What do you do?