Beat Addiction: Choose the Right Path

Each participant in the webinar will receive in the mail a DVD and a Facilitator's Guide for this program, produced by the Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling, Program for Missouri's Youth, the updated Second Edition, along with a hardcopy of "Gambling Choices and Guidelines" and additional posters and materials. Information about the program is at the following website:

As stated on the website, the DVD includes "four personal stories from a diverse cast of youth in recovery from various addictions, which include gambling and substance abuse." and "the goal of the second version of "Beat Addiction" is to help students understand that choices they make today will impact the rest of their lives."

The Facilitators Guide includes detailed directions for three separate lessons. Depending on which option the teacher chooses, the lesson may last about 20 minutes or can take about 50 minutes.

We strongly encourage participants of our webinar to try out a lesson and share comments/questions on this Wiki.

Here is contact information for the program:

Phone: 573-523-7467


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