We hope you enjoyed our Choose the Right Path webinar and will enjoy using the wiki. Here are the instructions to follow in order to complete the work required for CEUs (Connecticut Education Units). Needless to say, anyone who does not need CEUs is welcome (encouraged) to contribute as well. To receive CEUs and a Certificate of Completion, you will need to begin the work by November 18 and complete it before December 9th, 2010.

Please look first at the Summary of Requirements and then the detailed instructions.

A. Summary of Requirements
1. Contribute to the three discussion forums that begin with November 2010. You are welcome to add to any other discussion forums or create your own. However, the three titled November 2010 are the ones required for CEUs and a Certificate of Completion.
2. Add to the VoiceThread.
3. Reply to at least one posting of another participant.
4. Optional: Add to Comments and Questions page.
5. Optional: Contribute to the Discussion Forum on Activities.

B. How to Contribute to Discussion Forums

1. To view the discussion forums, click on the Discussion Tab at the top of this page.
2. Click on the title of a topic, then on Reply. Note that the order of the discussion forums changes based on the one most recently opened.
3. To contribute to a forum, you must first log in to Wikispaces:
a. If you have not created an account, click on Join and create an account.
b. If you have created an account, log in.
4. Add your message in the space provided, and click on Post.
5. Note that discussions may be "monitored" which will allow the organizers of the wiki to be notified when new postings appear. In this way, we will be able to respond, as necessary, to your posting as quickly as possible.

C. Details of Required Contributions for CEUs and Certificate of Completion
1. Identify the local clinical and prevention program contacts for your region of Connecticut.
a. To find the local "Regional Action Council" responsible for prevention programs in your area, go to www.ctprevention.org
b. To find the "Bettor Choice" gambling treatment program that serves your town, go www.ct.gov/dmhas/problemgambling
c. After identifying your local contacts, put the information in the discussion forum titled November 1010- Local Contacts.

2. Explore and comment in the discussion forum on at least one web site found on any of the following pages: Problem Gambling, Studies and Research, Adolescent Brain.
a. Explore one or more web sites.
b. Add a comment to the discussion forum titled November 10- Web Sites.

3. Watch the 30-second public service announcement on the page titled You Tell Your Friend and add a comment to the VoiceThread phone, video, text or microphone. Instructions for adding a comment to a VoiceThread are on the page above the video. You do not need to add a comment to the discussion forums on the wiki.

4. Review the Beat Addiction Resources sent to you by mail after the webinar. Add a comment to the discussion forum titled November 2010- Beat Addiction kit.

5. In order to make this site as interactive as possible, reply to at least one posting of another participant in any of the three discussion forums mentioned above that begin with November 2010.

6. Optional: Contribute to the page titled Comments and Questions in the category on Sharing. Please remember to add your initials or first name to the comment. Suggestions for topics: the webinar, the wiki, introducing an awareness of problem gambling into the curriculum, additional helpful resources. Directions for adding to a page are at the top of the page titled Comments and Questions. This page is the only one which participants can edit.

7. Optional: In the discussion forum on Activities (found in the list of Discussions on this page), please comment on one of the activities on the Activities page or share an activity of your own.