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Integrating Problem Gambling Awareness

into the Curriculum


Every high school senior graduates with:

  • an awareness of problem gambling as potentially risky behavior;
  • an understanding of how to reduce the risk of developing a gambling problem;
  • the knowledge of how to recognize and refer for help people who do have problems.


  1. To create an awareness in educators of gambling and problem gambling

  2. To empower educators to embed gambling as a risky behavior in lessons on addiction

  3. To provide feedback and support to educators as they incorporate these concepts in their teaching


1. Click on link below to download the webinar PowerPoint presentation:

2. Click on link below to download additional information. Due to time and space constraints, the following slides were omitted from the webinar PowerPoint and have been included here for your information.


Webinar and wiki photos courtesy of GAMES (Gambling Awareness in Monroe through Educating Our Students).
Special thanks to students and staff at Jockey Hollow Middle School and Masuk High School, Monroe Connecticut.

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